Welcome To OJMD University


Welcome to OJMD University! We are glad to have you as one of our students and even happier you decided to enroll in this course! As you know, OJMD University is a home full of ecom learning for beginners as well as advanced business owners. We have a lot of courses free and valuable ones tailor fit for any kind of individual at any learning stage when it comes to eCom

We do have students like you from other parts of the world and we hope that by the time you finish your course, You must have learned something that you can add to your skill set and improve your knowledge and have more success in eCommerce.

Our instructors are from different parts of the world and mainly in the Philippines. All courses are in English and you will find some courses for a particular country example for Philippines only. Please do enroll in courses that will benefit you more!

OJMD ecom university is social! Feel free to leave comments and share ideas and also network with other students in the school! You are part of something big and as we grow, We hope to grow with you

Welcome to OJMD eCom University

-Odera Joseph

-Founder OJMD eCom University